Our electric boats

The Ace

Compact and stable, this is the ideal boat for renting operations.
650 W motor
Maximum speed : 7 Km/h
Length : 3,85 m
Range : 7 h
Beam : 1,90 m
5 passengers Cat. D

The Sensas

Well-designed and contemporary, the SENSAS will enhance your marinas !
Pod 1.6 kW
Maximum speed : 8 Km/h
Length : 4,50 m
Range : 8 h
Beam : 2,02 m
6 passengers cat. D

The Scoop 2

Comfortable and performant, it is the indispensable boat in the range.
1,6 kW motor
Maximal speed : 8 km / h
Length : 4,99 m
Range : 8 h
Beam : 1,92 m
7 passengers. cat. D

The Scoop +

Classic and modern at the same time, this is a version offering all comforts.
1.6 kW motor
Maximum speed : 8 Km/h
Length : 4,75 m
Range : 7 h
Beam : 1,95 m
7 passengers. cat. D

The Legend

A spacious electric boat for person with reduced mobility
Pod 2,4 kW (motor adjustable)
Maximum speed : 8 km/h
Length : 5,60 m
Voltage : 24 V, 48 V
Beam : 2,20 m
9 passengers including 1 person with reduced mobility.

The Most

Spacious and serene, all aboard !
1 in-board 2.2 kW motor
Maximum speed : 9 Km/h
Length : 5 ,90 m
Range : 10 h
Beam : 2,20 m
11passengers. cat. D

The Navette

Elegant and functional, this boat is the tomorrow's transport
2 motors of 5 kW
Maximum speed : 10 km / h adaptable
Length : 8,50 m
Range : 10 h
Width : 3,50 m
Up to 30 passengers

For a sunbathing experience on the water that goes beyond paddle boating, a peaceful journey down the Canal du Midi, or a half-day excursion in the coves, not all boats offer the same level of comfort. In line with the spirit of canoeing and kayaking, an electric motorboat allows for quiet navigation. Nature-loving boaters will appreciate the tranquility of this vessel, which respects the fauna and flora. These small electric boats do not disturb the residents or the picnickers along the banks.

The electric boat is discreet and environmentally friendly in natural spaces. It requires no fuel and produces zero CO2 emissions. Unlike a motorboat with a combustion engine, there is no risk of water pollution. Gone are the unpleasant odors, smoke, and vibrations.

These notable advantages for a family boat trip appeal to boating enthusiasts, especially considering that this type of boat does not require a boating license. This is a significant selling point, as non-license boat rentals are increasingly popular for family leisure activities or a bachelorette party in a picturesque setting. Easy to maneuver and suitable for everyone, electric boats are an ideal way to discover the most beautiful lakes in France or leisurely cruise along the Canal du Nivernais from one lock to another. For a unique activity in Paris, it offers an original way to explore the capital’s famous landmarks, going beyond the typical tourist boats.

Aesthetic and comfortable, our electric boats can accommodate from five to eleven people for classic models, with shuttle-type electric boats capable of carrying up to thirty passengers. With an autonomy ranging from 7 to 10 hours, these electric boats offer the possibility of a full-day navigation. Simply recharge the lithium or lead battery using electrical outlets installed on the dock. Ideal for rentals, the electric boat comes with all the necessary equipment, including a sunshade, trailer, boat protection, and even a GPS tracking system.

These small electric cruising boats are accessible to everyone. No need to be an experienced skipper! The rental operator can simply explain its operation in a few minutes at the boating base. Ready to embark, passengers are self-sufficient to sail and cast off for a swim or picnic along the towpath.

Electric pleasure boats require low maintenance costs. Simply send the motor for servicing during the boat’s winter storage. It is worth noting that the lifespan of an electric motor is longer than that of a combustion engine. While fuel costs are eliminated, it is important to mention that eco-friendly initiatives are generally encouraged by local authorities. In many water bodies in France, combustion engine motorization is prohibited due to noise pollution and environmental concerns.

Moreover, the public is receptive to electric power. While not every leisure boater specifically seeks to rent an electric boat, customers are generally drawn to the alternative to noisy motorized boats when they discover it. Family-oriented and environmentally conscious clientele are more attracted to nature exploration rather than the thrill of high-speed water skiing or speedboats. Electric boats typically reach a maximum speed of 10 km/h, drastically reducing the risk of accidents and material damage. This low operating cost can be attributed to the recent development of electric vehicles in the market. Whether it’s private cars or passenger transportation, electric solutions are becoming competitive for electric boats. While combustion engine-powered pleasure boats offer speed and range, advancements in technology have now made electric boat motors available, offering similar power without noise or odor, ensuring absolute comfort.

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