Our related services

In the longer term our services will mean savings in both time and money for your business.

Service : setting up your own rental base with our help

Ruban Bleu’s DNA is all about helping existing and future customers to implement and expand their projects. We have 30 years of experience at Ruban Bleu in leisure boating business start ups.

Our “Start and Go” service

The support we offer customers goes way beyond a signature on the dotted line. We are here to help with the following :
• Implementation and Installation of a new boat hire business,
• Set up of the boats,
• Every day running of the business,
• Maintenance of the boats.

Service : GPS tracking

• Follow your electric boat fleet ;
• Know where each individual boat is and track its route ;
• Install navigation and maintenance alarms.

For further information, please read the article below or read our documentation.

Online booking systems service

Optimise your turnover :

  • Obtain day to day feedback via an online dashboard ;
  • Take bookings 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with the online bookings system. Which you can set up from your Facebook page ;
  • Encourage your network contacts (hotels, camp sites, tourist offices) to bring you customers thanks to our database tracking system for business introductions ;
  • Bring in additional revenue at Christmas by selling gift vouchers on line.

Technical help service

Are you in need of some technical know-how ? Our team can answer all your questions by phone or email.

Spares software

We have set up a spare parts despatch service which aims to deliver rapid relief in any emergency situation.

You can order directly online from our warehouse.

Insurance services

We aim to make your life as easy as possible by working together and our international network can recommend a regional insurance company, cabinet AssurBoat, which will offer you the best solution for insurance cover for business, boats and public liability.

Our guarantee to you

All boats are delivered withEuropean RCD compliant certification. All boats are guaranteed for 1 year (parts and labour).

Training service

Running a busy boating centre leaves no time for breakdowns so we have put in place a training programme to ensure that you can easily diagnose common problems. You will be given the correct tools and know-how to fix and maintain your boats in tip top condition.

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