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We created a 4-chapter guide for anyone hoping to start their own business in boating and watersports. The provided information is based on Ruban Bleu’s extensive experience in setting up inland boating centres.

From the outset of the project, the guide facilitates exchanges between the client and Ruban Bleu, defining the goals and performance expected in our relation to the size and type of operation involved, as well as its intended purpose and the context of the surrounding area.

It’s a guide for project conception and decision making, providing essential information for the selection of appropriate solutions and examining current market realities through concrete examples and case studies.



The Ruban Bleu Guide: Ensuring the Success of your Boating Centre Project.

1. A precise definition of the Scope of Works involved.

  • Your project,
  • Ideas,
  • Expectations.

2. Technical Feasibility Study

  • Site visit,
  • Water parameters,
  • Banks and verges,
  • Access,
  • Mooring,
  • Electrical supply,
  • Municipal regulations.

3. Administrative Survey

  • Inquiries with relevant authorities (such as regional land management (DDTM), rural heritage (AFMAR))…
  • Authorization requests,
  • Insurance companies.

4. Development Projections for your Operation

  • Precise breakdowns of your startup capital,
  • Overheads,
  • Maintenance costs,
  • Seasonality,
  • Fees and salary requirements.

The objectives of the guide :

The goal is to determine your project’s profitability threshold, taking necessary action on one or several fronts while assessing in real time theimpact of these adjustments upon your financial results.

The project developer may use this guide to offer relevant partner (such as banks, the DDTM, or AFMAR) a business plan showing expected performances for each area of operations in regard to the particular characteristics of their project, including:

  • Operational considerations, Site specificities, Budgetary scope, relevant parties and other impacting factors.
  • Performance indicators and progress reports will be calculated using our breadth of experience – over 1300 boats produced for clients based all over Europe.
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