Boats Lift

Do you want to save time with the launch, the tow and the maintenance of your boats ?

Act quickly and efficiently from your pontoon, quay or shipyard with the boat lift.

During the wintering, don’t let elements to stick on the hull or the engine base.

Put your boats out of the water, in a dry and sheltered place, far from seaweeds or impacts.


  • A system which can be compatible with both environment (maritime and fluvial)
  • Several types from 150kg to 22.5 tonnes

Aluminium Boat Lift


Capacity: 635 kg

Frame size: N/A        

Bunk length: 152 cm

Minimum water depth: 30 cm

Vertical lift: 152/213 cm

Number of cylinders: N/A


Capacity: 907 kg

Frame size: 188x221cm

Bunk length: 201cm

Minimum water depth: 46 cm

Vertical lift: 102-127 cm

Number of cylinders: 1


Capacity: 3,538 kg

Frame size: 297×343 cm

Bunk length: 366 cm

Minimum water depth: 74 cm

Vertical lift: 142cm

Number of cylinders: 1

Jet Ski Lift

Lift capacity: 1400 lbs

Vertical lift: 213 cm

Minimum water depth: 30 cm

Tower length: 274 cm

Frame size: 72 kg

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