Our values

Ruban Bleu emphasizes its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, which involves considering social, ethical, and environmental issues. This is reflected in the well-being of our employees, good relationships with our suppliers, and above all, the respect for the environment and sustainable development.

We want these values to be shared by our customers and suppliers in order to contribute to a better society.


Ruban Bleu was born in  1992  , fueled by the founder’s passion for electric boats.

Over the years and with the creation of new boat models, the passion has been passed on to all our employees. Today, the company remains dedicated to its core business: electric boats. Electric boat, and this has been the case for the past 30 years. We strive to keep you informed and share our passion through our digital communication efforts.


The company has evolved, grown, and demonstrated innovation by differentiating itself from its competitors through its expertise in water sports bases.
Today, we accompany project leaders from A to Z in the creation of water leisure parks, and we are deeply committed to the economic success and professional fulfillment of our clients:

  • by actively monitoring technological innovations;
  • by working in partnership with companies in the industrial sector and engineering firms to create more energy-efficient and high-performance electric propulsion solutions.


Ruban Bleu has always placed great emphasis on the quality of its products and services.
Its status as a European leader is distinguished by high-performing, durable, and resilient products. We are committed to conducting continuous quality control throughout all stages of production to ensure optimal quality.

Customer satisfaction

The entire team at Ruban Bleu is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction for each client.
The company maintains a privileged relationship with its clients and supports them throughout their activities. We provide advice to the client at the beginning of the project and are dedicated to diligent after-sales follow-up.
We sell spare parts online and offer boat maintenance and repair services.

Sustainable development

The company also works towards sustainable development. To achieve this, we strive to reduce our environmental impact in areas that directly concern us:

  • energy consumption,
  • professional travels,
  • recycling.

We have established battery recovery processes with an authorized and recognized system and also recycle cardboard packaging daily for shipments.

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