Our engagements

The four pillars of our commitment :

  • Sustainable development
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Passion and customer satisfaction

I. Sustainable development

Ruban Bleu has been working with the same objective from the outset : 

  • To encourage the spread and popularity of electric boat cruising to everyone and to reverse the overwhelming impact of the internal combusion engine.
  • To search continuously to reduce our ecological impact on the environment by monitoring our suppliers, distributors and clients in their development process.

We must be an example for our community by :

  • Reducing of energy consumption (electricity and water)
  • Rethinking our business trips
  • Sorting and recycling the necessary waste (and monitoring of the suppliers treating it).
  • We recently launched a programme of battery collection wherein we act on site at our clients’ location.

This programme provides :

  • Traceability
  • Reduction in transportation
  • Support to our clients in their ecological audit

We aim to maintain a level of sustainable progress with regard to our responsibilities.

II. Electric boat innovation

The primary advantage over our competitors is obvious as we have unrivalled expertise in setting up and operating nautical centres.

We are able to support our clients every step of the way in their rental boat activity with the latest technologies to bring them success from year one.
Our objective now is crystal-clear : launch a new boat every year.

We must enlarge our range to respond to the needs of everyone.
Over the years, the company has made significant progress through constant improvements in the performance of our boats.

However, this market is becoming more competitive so we must remain vigilant being aware of the latest technology and we must work hand in hand with research units and engineers to reduce the electricity consumption of our boats and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, we recently launched a new electric motor, the Eco One, to improve the capacity, autonomy and performance of our boats.

III. The quality of our electric boats

Ruban Bleu maintains a strict monitoring process of its suppliers and distributors. Our position as European leader requires us to work on this continuously, providing the best equipment and boats for our clients. The company chooses each of its suppliers to offer the best quality, performance, sustainability, longevity and price point for each product.



IV. Passion and Customer satisfaction

Ruban Bleu supports entrepreneurs right through their project ; from the beginning (feasibility) to the crucial moment of implementation (nautical centre launch). We get our Customer satisfaction from our expertise in this domain, maintaining a personalised relationship with each client.

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