Nautical base project

Create together a nautical center

Owing to their links with local authorities and the nature of their customer base (catering to the general public in the widest sense), boating and aquatic centres can be a highly favourable asset, encouraging future projects and initiatives.

We’re committed to the successful application of this service, mapping out the road ahead to get your project up and running.


With this objective in mind, and aiming to give your project a solid framework, we have often found it useful to provide guidance for project managers by carrying out a targeted audit – a tool that can be very helpful in highlighting any potential issues, finding solutions and outlining the key steps towards getting your project started.


Have a project you want to launch? Our experts support you threw all process and answer all questioning :

  • How to comprehend your project
  • How to start
  • Who to contact
  • What are the regulations
  • Is a training necessary,
  • Which budget
  • For which profitability ?

Our team will provide you personalised support and services to optimize your nautical center with adapted equipment to your activity.

Contact us, we will talk about it together !


Ruban Bleu, expert in nautical bases and renting operation

Since 1992 Ruban Bleu have been creating plenty of nautical bases around the world :

  • In Nantes with Ruban Vert,
  • In Paris with Marin d’eau douce,
  • In Europe (Switzerland, Uk, Italy & Spain),
  • In Dubai,
  • In Canada,
  • In Russia,
  • In Jordan,
  • etc.

If you want to create a nautical base, just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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