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Bateau électrique ACE


One 650W electric motor.
Speed of ACE electric boat.Maximum speed: 7 km/h.
Length of ACE electric boat.Length: 3.85 meters
Autonomy of ACE electric boat.Autonomy: 7 hours
Width: 1.90 meters
Passengers on ACE electric boat.5 person capacity category. D


One 1.6 kW electric motor.
Speed of Sensas electric boat.Maximum speed: 8 km/h.
Length of Sensas electric boat.Length: 4.50 meters.
Autonomy: 8 hours.
Electric boat width sensasWidth: 1.93 meters
Passenger capacity of Sensas electric boat.6-person capacity, Category D.
Bateau électrique SENSAS
bateau electrique scoop 2


One 1.6 kW electric motor.
Maximum speed: 8 km/h.
Length: 4.99 meters.
Autonomy of Scoop 2 electric boat.Autonomy: 8 hours.
Width of Scoop 2 electric boat.Width: 1.92 meters.
Passenger capacity of Scoop 2 electric boat.7-person capacity, Category D


Electric boat engine scoop +One 1.6 kW electric motor.
Electric boat speed scoop +Maximum speed: 8 km/h
Length scoop +Length: 4.75 meters
Electric boat range scoop +Autonomy: 7 hours
Electric boat width scoop +Width: 1.95 meters
Electric boat passenger capacity scoop +7-person capacity, Category D
bateau electrique scoop +
bateau electrique Legend


Electric boat motor LegendOne inboard motor 2.4 kW
Legend electric boat speedMaximum speed: 8 km/h.
Legend electric boat lengthLength: 5.60 meters
Legend electric boat rangeRange: 10 hours
Legend electric boat widthWidth: 2.20 meters.
Legend electric boat passenger capacity 9 people, including 1 person with reduced mobility


Most electric boat motorOne motor of 2.2 kW
Most electric boat speedMaximum speed : 9 km/h
Length electric boat scoop +Length : 5.90 m
Electric boat range mostRange: 10 hours
Electric boat width mostWidth : 2.20 m
Electric boat passenger capacity most11 people Category- D
Bateau électrique most
bateau electrique Navette


Electric boat motor Legend2 motors of 5 kW.
Legend electric boat speedMaximum speed: 10 km/h.
Legend electric boat lengthLength: 5.50 meters.
Legend electric boat rangeRange: 10 hours
Legend electric boat widthWidth: 3.50 meters.
Legend electric boat passenger capacity Certification: Up to 30 people.

Why buy an electric boat?

We tell you all about the advantages of electric boats.

  1. No pollution: Thanks to its electric motor, the electric boat is considered more environmentally friendly than traditional motorboats.
  2. Silent: Electric motors are much quieter than combustion engines. Therefore, the electric boat provides a more peaceful navigation experience, reducing noise and vibrations. This can be particularly appreciated during boat outings in environmentally sensitive areas or in places where noise can be bothersome.
  3. Reduced operating costs: Electric boats generally have lower operating costs compared to traditional boats. They require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts and do not require engine oil changes. Furthermore, electricity is often cheaper than gasoline or diesel, enabling long-term cost savings.
  4. Performance and efficiency: Technological advancements in batteries have significantly improved the performance of electric boats. Nowadays, it is possible to go on long trips (9 hours) with a reasonable speed (8 km/h).
  5. Access to restricted areas: Some water bodies and coastal zones have restrictions on combustion engine boats due to their environmental and wildlife impact. The electric boat provides a viable alternative for navigating in these areas, allowing owners to explore otherwise inaccessible places.
  6. Comfort and ease of use: Electric boats are generally easier to operate than traditional motorboats. It does not require difficult starting or other complex operations.

    It is important to note that the advantages and features of an electric boat may vary depending on the model, size, and technology used.

Do I need a license to drive a Ruban Bleu electric boat?

The electric boat stands out particularly for its convivial and democratic nature, as it does not require a license for a boat with a power of less than 4.5 kW (6 CV). The electric boat can be maneuvered by almost anyone who wishes to enjoy a ride on the water.

This increased accessibility opens up new horizons for those who desire the unique experience of boating without administrative constraints, eliminating the traditional barriers associated with owning a license.

Thanks to this simplicity of use, both novice boaters and seasoned enthusiasts can easily embark on the maritime adventure without worries. The electric boat thus promises unparalleled freedom on lakes or rivers, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the pleasures of boating while preserving our environment.

Where can one navigate with their electric boat?

Ruban Bleu’s electric boats are of Category D. It refers to a classification used to assess the design, construction, and equipment of vessels based on their suitability to navigate in different conditions. The classification is defined by the European Union and is also adopted by several other countries.

The electric boat of category D is designed for navigation in sheltered waters, which means it is intended to be used near the coasts or in lakes, rivers, and estuaries, where navigation conditions are generally calm and winds are light. It is not suitable for navigation in open sea or in areas prone to extreme weather conditions.

As a general rule, the electric boat of category D is suitable for use in protected inland or coastal waters, such as lakes, canals, rivers, bays, and harbor areas. However, it is essential to check the specific local and national regulations regarding authorized navigation areas, as they may vary from one country to another and from one region to another. Absolutely, it is crucial to inquire with local maritime authorities before setting sail. Understanding and complying with the specific regulations and navigation restrictions in the area will ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

How to recharge your electric boat?

To recharge your electric boat, nothing could be simpler.

  1. Check the availability of a charging station: Make sure there is a charging point suitable for your electric boat in your navigation area.
  2. Connect your cable: Plug the charging cable provided with your Ruban Bleu electric boat into the boat’s charging port. Make sure the connection is secure.
  3. Wait for completion: The charging time may vary depending on the battery capacity of your boat and the power of the charging station. Be patient and wait for the battery to be fully charged.
  4. Disconnect the charging cable: Once the charging is complete, first unplug the end of the charging cable from the charging station, and then disconnect the other end from the boat.
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