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The electric boat expertise

Founded in 1992, Ruban Bleu takes its name from the prize famously awarded to the ships that made the fastest crossing between Western Europe and North America – the ‘Blue Riband’ was a “testament to political, economic and technical competitiveness between the major world powers”. But the award was about more than just the sea crossing – it was also mark of technological progress.



Ruban Bleu within the electric revolution

Continuing this tradition, Ruban Bleu has striven to establish itself as a pioneer in its field. Our passion for research and innovation has driven the creation of our extensive range of electric pleasure boats, bringing satisfaction to owners and renters every day.

In keeping with the spirit of the Blue Riband award, we continue to participate in various projects geared towards research and innovation, constantly strengthening our expertise while integrating new techniques and technologies in the design and production of our boats. At Ruban Bleu, we’re proud to be part of the electric revolution, mobilising and improving access to these new modes of transport – that’s why we’re engaged in various research and development projects focusing on electrical energy and inland waterway transport.

We spend every day working to improve our boats, making them cleaner and more environmentally friendly, increasing on-board safety and making them easier to operate and maintain at lower costs.


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