The 10 most beautiful French lakes


Here are the best French lakes that allow you to ride an electric boat.

Sainte Croix lake

Going along the Verdon River, you will find this lake between the Alps (Haute Provence) and the Var. A place where nature is protected thanks to the strong regulations against the diesel engines. This lake is offering a lot of good time with all the beaches around and all the existing nautical activities such as pedal-boat, canoe-kayak and electric boats. Don’t forget to see the amazing canyon « Gorges du Verdon », by getting there with small ride by car or directly with an electric boat.

sainte croix lake electric boat

Aiguebelette lake

Also located in the Alps, this lake has a big advantage by being one of the best lake in France: with its water of an emerald colour. Once again, the government decided to care about local ecosystems: diesel engines are forbidden. What’s more relaxing than laying on the beaches and taking a stroll to soothe your frazzled soul ?

Aiguebelette lake electric boat

Bourget lake 

A peaceful lake for a relaxing moment during your holidays. Hire a bike to ride on the bicycle path surrounding the lake, rent an electric boat to relax in the best possible way or simply enjoy a picnic in the beautiful sandy beaches or the pebble bank.

Bourget lake electric boat

Gérardmer lake 

Nestled in the Vosges, this lake take its origins into the different glaciations that occurred more than 11 000 years ago. You must know that after having pedaled during few hours around this lac, you would love to devour a huge pie, the favorite local gastronomy. Or you can just taste it and layout on an electric boat to digest this delicious pie.

Gérardmer lake  electric boat

Aureilhan lake

Flowing into the sea on the outskirts of Mimizan, this small lake is perfect for recreational fishermen. It offer calm half way between sea and lake holidays. Nautical activities include electric boats renting, part of a green touristic approach.

Aureilhan lake electric boat

Sautet lake

Adjacent to the « Hautes Alpes », this aquatic kingdom allow you to rest in the middle of mountains. Time stop in an absolute quiet. Few electric crafts in such a place is a bargain to spend unique holidays.

Sautet lake electric boat

“la tête d’or” lake

Located into the « Tête d’Or » park, this lake is perfect for parents looking for a rest. Many activies are available for both, adults and children.

"la tête d’or" lake electric boat

Der-Chantecoq lake

Covering 46 square kilometers, the Der Lake is one of the biggest French artificial lake. A nautical base will give you the keys of ecotourism and, obviously, the keys of an electric boat 😉

Der-Chantecoq lake electric boat

Amance lake

Located just next to the Temple Lake (closed to the navigation), the Amance lake is aimed for nautical activities and motorboats. The surroundings are perfect to admire nature from the water, before taking a tour on the walking and cycling path preserved from noise pollution. The lake is part of the Orient forest regional park.

Amance lake electric boat

“Au Duc” lake

Close by the “Brocéliande” forest in Britanny in a wetland, this lake offer magical stroll to its visitors. Indeed, the forest next to it would also be magic part of your adventure. It’s also a chance to see beautiful sunsets and sliding on water silently, why not with an electric motor.

Au Duc lake electric boat

After this French geography lesson, you just have to pack your bag and get on board!


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