4 steps for safe winter storage

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Step 1: Dry or Wet Winter Storage?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of dry winter storage:


  • Hull preservation
  • Preservation of boat lifespan
  • Ease of maintenance (accessibility)
  • Battery protection


  • Cost (local/land)
  • Launching and retrieval maneuvers

To keep your boat in good condition, it’s essential to take care of the hull by using fresh water for thorough rinsing, making sure never to spray water within 30 cm with the pressure washer. You can also consider applyingantifouling to prevent deposits from forming. As for the deck, to prevent yellowing, the use of a specific product can be beneficial for cleaning and maintenance.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of wet winter storage:


  • Less expensive


  • Exposure to the elements
  • Risk of mold and condensation
  • Additional maintenance
  • Taking the boats out before the start of the season to clean the hulls.
  • Batteries exposed to the elements

Ruban Bleu’s advice:

Step 2: Cover your boat

If you choose wet winter storage, to preserve your boat, it is imperative to cover it.

Discover our coaming protection covers:

  • PVC canvas with a weight of 500g/m², in a light grey color,
  • 100% waterproof,
  • Adjustable fastening system, no more water pockets,
  • They provide comfort, cleanliness, and keep your boat dry in a sleek and modern design,
  • Secure the cockpit and protect against the vagaries of weather or dust.

Step 3: Battery Pack Upgrade

  • Charge your batteries 1 to 2 times during winter storage,
  • Check water levels (excluding maintenance-free batteries) following specific instructions,
  • Store your batteries in a dry place.

By taking these measures to preserve your batteries, you ensure that your boat will be ready to sail as soon as the season resumes. Well-maintained batteries are essential for a hassle-free boating experience.

Step 4: Engine Inspection

  • Service your engines yourself by ordering maintenance kits from our online store (subject to having completed an engine maintenance training at Ruban Bleu),
  • Or have us inspect your engines by sending them to us now.

You can also consider training in fault detection to gain autonomy.

You know everything now… Have a great winter storage and see you on the water soon!

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