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Once again Ruban Bleu will take part in BOOT of Dusseldorf !

SPOT 4F22 The biggest boat exhibition in Europe ! Ruban Bleu have been participating to the BOOT of Dusseldorf for many years now. This exhibition is known as the biggest nautic event in Europe. This year, we present our new electric boat : the LEGEND. This electric boat is adapted to person with reduced mobility … Continued

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Launch a boat rental business

How to launch a boat rental business Do you want to change your life, to create a business on your own and to develop it in the nautical sector ? Maybe you already have an outdoor leasure activity center You’re in the right place ! Here are all the steps to create a boat rental business. A … Continued

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Meet Ruban Bleu in Dusseldorf BOOT show!

Building on the experience of the previous exhibition in Düsseldorf, this year Ruban Bleu is back to the BOOT to present the last version of the SCOOP+ fully equiped for a very confortable cruising.

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Lake in France : The best 10

Going along the Verdon River, you will find this lake between the Alps (Haute Provence) and the Var. A place where nature is protected thanks to the strong regulations against the diesel engines.

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How to create a nautical centre

Do you want to change your life, to create a business on your own and to develop it in the nautical sector ?
You’re in the right place !

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Ruban bleu in Southampton boat show

  In order to increase our exportation, Ruban bleu participate every year in some international shows. In this matter, we will exhibit our boats at Southampton’s boat show from the 15th till the 24th of September. THE SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW The event is one of the biggest nautical event of United Kingdom from this year. … Continued

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How to choose an electric propulsion system for your boat ?

Heat engines are more and more criticized and there are many reasons for this bad popularity. Of course, the first argument is the pollution, as well as the noise. Those arguments justify, for plenty of administration, the restriction of heat engines on their lake, river and waterway.

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