Our trainings

One goal : give you the keys of the maintenance of your boat(s) to become autonomous.

We provide, to each participant, a personalized training to answer all questions you could have. In the long term, it represent a time and money saving for your rental electric boat company.

Training Ruban Bleu

Content of the training :

During this training, you will learn about :

  • All the spare parts of your electric boat and their function.
  • Understanding how your electric boat works : electric system, propulsion system, tools…
  • Diagnose a breakdown on your electric boat in the way to increase your battery life and save money.
  • Perform the maintenance on your electric boat to prepare for the summer time and prevent from unexpected problems during the season. 
  • How to maintain your electric boat company attractive for clients in the way to improve their experience.


  • Duration of the training : 1 day.
  • Plance : Within our workshop in Vigneux-de-Bretagne

You will be welcomed with a breakfast (not British but Croissant and Pain au chocolat ! 😉 ) and we will have lunch together to discuss about the problems you encounters.

  • Title of the training : Technical training
  • Trainer : Guillaume de Rochambeau
  • Price : Price : 500€ ex-taxes for 1 participant, 900€ ex-taxes for 2 participants, 1300€ ex-taxes for 3 participants
  • Duration : 7h
  • Hours : From 9am to 5pm with one hour lunch break.
  • Breakfast and lunch for free

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