The prime aim of the training programme offered by Ruban Bleu is to enable business owners to run and maintain fleets independently

We offer a tailored training programme which corresponds to your individual expectations. In the longer term this will mean savings in both time and money for your business.

During the programme

We will teach you to :

  • Understand the way your boats work by looking at each piece of the jigsaw and how they interconnect
  • Diagnose problems and how to resolve them quickly and easily resulting in a minimum of down time
  • Carry out regular checks to ensure that your season runs smoothly and to prevent unexpected problems at the height of the season.
  • Maintain your site, and your website, in order to make the very best of your location, your boats and your offering to the public.

Practical information

  • Duration : 1 full day
  • Location : Vigneux de Bretagne

Our team will welcome you to our premises over breakfast and later over lunch we will answer any additional questions arising from your business and our training programme

  • Training : Technical training
  • Trainer : Guillaume de ROCHAMBEAU
  • Pricing : 500 euros (plus VAT) for 1 participant, 900 euros for 2 and 1300 for 3 trainees
    from the same company
  • Duration : 7 hours
  • Schedule: 9 am to 5 pm with a break for lunch together between 1 and 2 pm
  • Breakfast is included in the price


To be informed of the next date of training, contact us by phone

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