What are the essential safety equipments required for inland boating ?

If you have the chance to cruise a boat in the inland waters of United-Kingdom, there is a required equipment panoply you must have onboard, for your safety or in the case of a police control. In this way, the required equipement (for the boats from 8.2 ft to 65 ft) are :

  • A lifejacket with a 50 (or more) Newton buoyancy. You need as much lifejackets as persons onboard.
  • A fire extinguisher (caution with the date of validity).
  • A rope for mooring and towing.

In some case, local authorities will ask you to have more equipments :

In some cases,  we recommend you to bring a sailing map and equip the boat with :

For your safety, don’t forget to take a first-aid kit in case of injury.

équipements sécurité fluviale

Safety first !

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